More Stories, More Stories, More Stories.

The Producers


 BEVERLY MICKINS is a Los Angeles based performing artist who is the creator of "Story Salon", the longest running story telling venue in Southern California. She has appeared on Square One TV (1987), Steel and Lace (1991) and Abandoned and Deceived (1995). She has recently released her debut CD,EVERYBODY'S TALKIN


 DAN FARREN is a writer-performer,  stand-up comic and pro wrestling roustabout. Dan has been a regular on the stand-up comedy circuit for several years. His TV appearances include VH1, the Game Show Network, To Tell the Truth and NBC's Secrets of Pro Wrestling Exposed (he can't tell you who he was, because then it wouldn't be a secret). 


 TONY FIGUEROA is a standup comedian, writer, actor and storyteller based in Los Angeles. Tony’s blog, CHILD OF TELEVISION, is an example of life imitating art (he once wrote a sitcom pilot where the main character happened to write a syndicated column called “Child of Television”).Tony is also a contributor to TV CONFIDENTIAL a two-hour radio talk show about all aspects of television that directs itself to the Baby Boomer, Generation X and senior markets.   


 DONNA ALLEN-FIGUEROA is an actor and writer living and working in Los Angeles CA where she has worked on stage and on the big and small screens. Her credits include several television commercials and voiceovers for animation, commercials and industrial projects. Donna just published her first novel Fall Again: Beginnings the first of a four part series.


 STEVE SOBEL discovered Story salon in 2008 and quickly became a regular member of the audience.  Soon after that he became a regular at telling stories.  The word “twice” became a lucky word for him.  He did a Story Salon In Progress twice (and he got to do the second one, about plastic surgery, twice); he appeared in Richard McPherson’s  Menapplause  series twice; he appeared in Donna Allen-Figueroa’s Fictional Showcase  twice, and he served as guest host twice.

Steve moved to East Hampton in January 2016, but he just couldn’t leave Story Salon behind.  So he is starting Story Salon East at the East Hampton Public Library.